“Since 2012, I have invested in three projects with The HOW Group. I have been thrilled with the results! Two of the three properties have done better than what they originally told me, and the third has performed as expected. I am a strong believer in the company and will continue to invest with HOW.” – Mary J.

“When the owners of HOW first came to me with Spring Garden Street, I was very skeptical of the proposed returns. I was frustrated with my personal projects return in the market and wanted to try something else. The investment worked out great. We received capital back earlier than promised and the building is performing above expectations.” – Tim D.

“I have used The HOW Group in order to expand my investment portfolio and they have been great. Their team helped with all aspects of the process from location selection, building the structure and assisting in finding tenants. The HOW Group was always available to assist with my questions and help in any way possible. They are experienced, knowledgeable and most of all good people. I highly recommend them.” – Jim G.

“Under various LLCs, I have been investing in real estate through The HOW Group for a number of years. I began slowly, but it has been such a positive experience that I’ve continued to grow my real estate portfolio through the use of The HOW Group exclusively in a variety of ways. Initially, I purchased either distressed properties or raw land identified by The HOW Group and had them build rental units. Now, I’ve been able to use profits derived from such properties to invest in larger projects as a percentage owner under their direction. They have consistently identified profitable properties as well as provided detailed spreadsheets outlining accurate accounting of expenses and returns.

On every occasion The HOW Group, and the profit derived from my involvement in such transactions, has exceeded expectations. Moreover, as ethical and involved real estate professionals, they have remained a resource throughout the years even if they are no longer directly involved in the continuing maintenance of buildings I own. My involvement with The HOW Group has been such a positive experience that I now feel my family’s financial future is far more secure than previously anticipated. I recommend involvement with The HOW Group without reservation.” – Dave P